Early Alert & Intervention Plans

Early Alert & Intervention Plans

Institutions are concerned about every student’s success. One of the ways that have been identified to assist our students is to use an Early Alert program. The is a partnership between instructors, advisors, coaches, and administration with the open lines of communication with students.

  • Personal issues: Demonstrates a reason for concern, change in behavior, etc.
  • Poor attendance or consistently late
  • Class engagement
  • Missing assignments
  • Low quiz/test scores
  • Missing skills: reading, writing, computer, study, comprehension, computation

An early warning system to identify students who need additional assistance to succeed and target interventions to help ensure at-risk students stay on track. We accomplished this task by allowing advisors to do a real-time LMS lookup during the advising session.

Early Alert Campaign

To Issue an Alert: Log in to Faculty Portal with your single-sign-on credentials, and the system will display their class roster. With a few clicks, the faculty can issue an alert.

  • Select a flag/alert
  • Enter comments, if necessary
  • Submit

Student Intervention

  • Intervention Process
  • The intervention team will automatically receive a copy of the referral form information through email, and depending on the situation, advising or student service staff will contact the student. Coaches, advisors, tutors, professional counseling, etc. may be included in planning for success with the student.

  • Can we do a realtime LMS (Canvas, D2L, and Blackboard) lookup?
  • Yes, see the realtime lookup image displaced.

  • Can we do a Faculty based campaign?
  • Yes, see the faculty campaign screen displayed at the bottom.