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Online Advising

Virtual Meeting - COVID-19
Virtual advising involves conducting advising sessions using email, telephone, or video chat technology. This style of advising gives both students and advisors the opportunity for a face-to-face conversation. Due to the campus restrictions put in place in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we encourage all Academic Advising initiatives to go online.

  • Microsoft Teams Meeting (FERPA COMPLIANT)
  • Zoom Meeting (FERPA COMPLIANT)
  • WebEx Meeting (FERPA COMPLIANT)
  • Google Hangouts
  • BlueJeans Video Conferencing
  • Other Video Conferencing Tools...

Best Practices - Training Videos:

Schedule Appointments

Online Check-in Kiosk

Virtual Meeting Steps

  • Office Location
  • Setting up each advisor office location is the key for Virtual Meeting. Student will receive this information in SMS and Email reminders. Also, this information will be auto populated during the appointment creation process.

  • How can student online check-in for Scheduled/Walk-in Appointments?
  • Please include the "Define Center" - "Sign-in URL" in the Reminder/SMS Messages.
  • Modify the #ProgramInfoTEXT# attribute in "Program Screen" with advising centers "Sign-in URL" for easy online check-in for advising.

  • How does advisor notify the walk-in students?
  • In the "Sign-in" queue screen, advisor can click on the "Send Text Message" button to send the virtual meeting link/phone number to call to join the meeting.