appointment scheduler

To transform the student journey, many universities and colleges are implementing Salesforce CRM. The weakest link in Salesforce implementation is an Appointment Scheduler, which will two-way integrate with Outlook or Google calendar in real-time. Many universities use E2E Advising’s Appointment Manager to fill that gap.

  • Appointment Manager - Salesforce Integration

  • Three-Way-Sync - Outlook or Google & Salesforce Calendar

    Appointment Manager now three-way sync with your Outlook or Google and Salesforce user's calendar. If your university/college is using Salesforce (Service or Sales cloud), Appointment Manager can push appointments directly to user's calendar in real-time.

  • HEDA or Classic Salesforce

    Yes, we integrates with both HEDA and Classic environment.

  • Salesforce Advisor Link

    Yes. Now advisor's work calendar (Outlook or Google) will be in-sync with their Salesforce calendar as well as SAL-Appointment Manager

  • Salesforce's Appointment Manager

    Yes, it integrates with Salesforce Advisor Link & Appointment Manager as well

  • AdvisingHub - UCheckIn Integration

  • Partnering with AdvisingHub

    E2E Advising is partnering with AdvisingHub to our Salesforce customers a deeper integration to streamlime and simplify the advising process. Schedule a demo with us to see how Appointment Manager integrates with AdvisingHub's UCheckIn platform.

  • UCheckIn Desk

    Universal kiosk and queue management platform. Simplify check-in and case management for scheduled as well as drop-in appointments. Please let us know if you're interested to see the demo of UCheckIn platform.

  • Today's Appointment

    Appointment Manager's appointment will be populated through Today's Appointment section for easy check-in for receptionist/front-office staff.

  • Cancellations and rescheduling

    Appointment Manager is always in-sync with UCheckIn-Today's Appointments.