Student Self-check-in kiosk

Self-service check-in kiosk

Student self-check-in kiosk module is available for easy check-ins for scheduled as well as drop-in sessions. Your students can join a advising center queue through virtual check-in as well as on-site check-in kiosk.

You can streamline students check-ins for one academic advising center, or if college or university is part of a One-Stop center with multiple student service areas, Appointment Manager can help manage your intake of students and record their visits.

Together with appointment scheduling, note taking module and advising center display components, Appointment Manager has virtually everything you need to automate and track student service operation and improve efficency.

6 Different On-site Kiosk Check-in Options:

1. By swiping the student ID card

2. Scanning the Barcode on the student ID card

3. Entering University/College student ID number

4. Log-in using institutions single-sign-on

5. By typing student's preffered name (Prospective students / Public) - Stay annonymous

6. Sign-In using personal email address (Prospective students / Public)

Add branding to your check-in kiosks

Advising & Note Taking

Ease of Use

We make the advising and note taking process very easy for advisors. Training - We make it easy!

A receptionist/advisor/student worker can also check-in a student with few clicks. Advisors can set their preference and they will only see the students signed-in to see them.

As soon as student check-in at the kiosk, system will notify their advisor. The queue auto refresh in every few seconds.

Student who are checked-in to see an advisor is shown in black color in the bottom of the sign-in queue sorted by check-in time.

Green color records in sign-in queue list means they're in an advising session with the advisor.

Innovative Note Taking

An innovative electronic note-taking - Easy to use and train - For your paperless advising office.

  • Record a reason for the visit
  • Collect deatiled advising note
  • Single click to view past advising note
  • Attached electronic documents
  • Create follow-up/referral to other departments
  • View student attributes from your SIS
  • Re-assign the queue for one-stop advising
  • Custom questionnaire to record additional data
  • Invite the student for session through text message
  • Record no-shows & cancel check-in
  • Change priority & put on hold

Lobby Display - Digital Signage

Through a digital signage integration, advising center TV can let your students know when they will be served while keeping them update their status in real time.

Invite student via text message for the advising session. Go high tech to assist students and advisors with disabilities.

No more waiting in the lobby - Advisor notifies your students through a text message when their turn approaches.

Virtual check-ins are pushed to the queue when their advising time approaches.

Our technology makes everything easier students, advisors and receptionists.

Improve student service flow and increase satisfaction.