We make it easy

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Links directly to an Outlook or Google Calendar

    Appointment Manager takes the #Tagged# appointments from your Outlook or Google Calendar and displays it online. Students can then view and book these appointments and the bookings go straight into your Outlook or Google calendar in real-time. No "sync" needed. Bookings can be seen on your Outlook or Google calendar, tablet, and smart phone instantly. Mac user? No worries! Appointment Manager works the same way with Entourage and Outlook Mac.

  • Lead time and maximum advance booking time

    Keep control over your calendar by preventing students from booking too soon or too far into the future.

  • Cancel or block appointment times

    Cancel or block one or more days of appointment times for unplanned events, sick days, or campus closures.

  • Different length appointments

    For each appointment, you record the start and end time for each meeting in Outlook or Google Calendar. With this feature, staff can offer varying lengths of appointments for different advising services.

  • Online Booking

  • Mobile-friendly student booking site

    Student online booking forms are simple, intuitive and work for any device. Essentially, our responsive web design ensures that the student appointment booking website will work at its best on all web enabled devices including smartphones and tablets.

  • Institutional Branding

    Appointment Manager will be configured to match your institutional branding. It will seamlessly blend the student booking process into the rest of your institutional website design. Change your fonts, colors and style to match institutional branding.

  • Custom booking URL

    A simple way to place your booking page URL on your institution website so that student can book appointment with you directly from there. Dedicated booking web address (url) for each college, service or advisor.

  • Confirmation and reminder emails/text messages

    Send booking confirmation through email and text message. Automated reminder email or text message can be sent a few hours before the appointment to reduce the no-shows. The email and text message are template driven, so you can control exactly what this message will contain.

  • Upload photo and personalize your profile

    By including your photo, your students will immediately recognize that they are booking with the right advisor. You can also use this feature to put specific images alongside each of your services and team members, if you're using this for Group Appointments. Profile sections can be used to explain more about you, your cancellation policy, and office working hours.

  • Configurable booking forms

    The appointment booking page includes a fully featured 'Dynamic Questionnaire' so that you can build a booking form that allows you to ask unlimited number of questions to understand their need for this appointment.

  • Cancellations and rescheduling

    Students can easily cancel and reschedule appointments online 24-hours a day. Appointment cancellation link is included in the confirmation and reminder emails. They just click on them to make a change. Your calendar gets updated and you will get an alert email, but there's no extra administration steps for advisors.

  • Section 508 - W3C Web Content Accessibility

    Appointment Manager is a FERPA and ADA-compliant comprehensive student success solution.

  • Student self-check-in kiosk

  • Advising center kiosk choice

    Use any device as kiosk such as a tablet or a desktop. Current student can check-in by swiping the student card, scan the barcode on the card, single-sign-on or using email address and even by entering their student ID or name.

  • Advising center configuration

    One size fits all doesn’t fit at all in university and college advising centers. Academic advising center kiosk may need a different set of configuration than a financial-aid advising center. Appointment Manager allows up to 10 different configurations for student check-in. Choose a configuration best fit for each student service area.

  • Automatic notification of student check-in

    System automatically notifies the advisor about student arrival. Single sign-in process for scheduled appointments as well as for drop-ins.

  • Virtual check-in for same day appointments

    Most innovative student service centers trust us for check-in solution. We save student time by eliminating waiting time. At the time of virtual check-in, student can pick the most suitable time when they're open to come for an appointment. System automatically send a reminder text message to student 30 minutes before the appointment time.

  • Student waiting in line is over. Use virtual check-in.

    Our virtual check-in vastly reduced the lines of students waiting to access campus services. Our solution provides valuable insights that allow us to improve the entire college experience.

  • Show me something to believe in

    Here are some sample kiosks at Sinclair Community College:: Dayton Academic Advising Center/Courseview Advising Center. Another sample kiosk from University of the Fraser Valley:: Abbotsford Advising Centre

  • Queue & Case Management

  • Simplify and centralize

    Simplify the note taking process. Centralized advising into one web-based location, creating more consistent and uniform experience for student advisement.

  • Increase communication

    Increase communication among advisors about each student by using advising notes, referrals, program notes, early alert and public/private student notes.

  • Boost staff productivity and improve operational efficiencies

    Our case management platform manages the workflow leaving needed room for more student engagement and retention. Our technology provides an effortless way for your students to quickly access the services they need.

  • Gain invaluable insights with interactive business intelligence reports

    Equip your Provost, Dean, directors and service staff with key data to improve student service. Our reports provide with real-time reporting and powerful analytics for critical decision-making, such as anticipating peak periods to optimize staff productivity and increase student satisfaction.

  • Innovative paperless advising for today’s students

    Our case management platform has an innovative paperless advising process that is helping to save the environment. The result: meeting student expectations, addressing future policy changes, and increasing financial savings.

  • Check-out surveys to gather real-time feedback

    Collect real-time feedback to know exactly what’s working and what improvements need to be made. Gather valuable insights to optimize staffing, identify procedural enhancements, and drive improvement to student success.