Enrollment Outreach

In the dynamic field of higher education, it is more important than ever to develop extraordinary personalized outreach to students. Achieve has the tools necessary to support this and optimize your outreach campaigns.

Achieve enables you to create and send enrollment campaigns to remind students who have mapped courses to officially enroll. Enrollment campaigns can also be used to encourage students to plan courses or sign up for specific courses that are being newly offered. Staff can automate and run enrollment campaigns whenever the institution needs them sent out. Target students by metrics of your choice to best suit your needs.

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Early Alert + Intervention FAQ

Short answer: Yes. On this page we have an actual enrollment campaign done at University of Dayton. As you can see enrollment grew in all three semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer). There was an increase in enrollment rates of 2-5 percent in the periods when our technology-based systems were in use compared with when these approaches were inactive.

An increase in student enrollment can ultimately produce more net tuition revenue for an institution so boosting enrollment leads to bigger returns.

An investment in technology-based enrollment outreach will maximize new enrollments, leading to bigger enrollment ROI. This allows the institution more capital to do more for its staff, faculty, and students.