K-12 Connect Platform

The educational equity gap has widened during the pandemic, leaving millions of K-12 students with significant learning losses and in need of tools to give them a pathway to higher education and help them fulfill their promise.

What can Higher Education institutions do to build and strengthen a pipeline for future successful students, prepare current students for a changing job market, and help close the K-12 educational equity gap?

Existing silos within university and college structures prevent efficient cross-center collaboration, communication, and data sharing needed to recruit, support, and develop the whole student’s higher education success.

Universities and colleges strengthen their community engagement by connecting with families and K-12 students, giving them the tools to build their future success and fulfill their promise.

Lead by Example to Fulfill the Promise

E2E Advising’s innovative K-12 Connect CRM helps universities and colleges lead by example. This data-based tutoring and mentoring program helps build the admissions pipeline for future university/college students.

Current college student tutors and mentors gain valuable experience in virtual education, internships, and volunteer experiences to better prepare them to compete in a changing job market by building virtual and DEI core competencies.

K-12 Connect CRM provides universities and colleges with a detailed playbook for implementation, startup, growth, and sustainability. The CRM is designed to be budget neutral within 3 years, connecting philanthropy, foundations, and government grants with students and families to help close the educational equity gap.

community engagement

Universities and colleges connect with families and K-12 students,
giving them the tools to build their future success and fulfill their promise.

Tutoring Elementory Students

K - 5

  • Early Literacy (K-3)
  • Math
  • English
  • Science
Mentoring & Tutoring High School Students

9 - 12

  • Math
  • English (ELA)
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Language
  • Faculty 1-1 Mentoring
  • Career Mentoring
  • Financial-Aid Process

win-win-win situation


K-12 Students and families


Eliminate K-12 educational equity gap
  • Head start early literacy
  • Free virtual tutoring services
  • Consistent tutoring hours
  • Career-focused mentoring
  • Seek help with financial-aid

University / College


Fulfill the promise
  • Address educational equity gap early
  • Eliminate learning losses and assure pathway to higher education
  • Connect with K-12 education philanthropist and foundations
  • Strengthen recruiting pipeline for successful students
  • Cultivate university/college brand loyalty

College Students


You keep what you earn
  • Gain experience in your field
  • Offsets student loan debt
  • Earnings from work-study
    do not count on FAFSA
  • Sustainable student mentoring between faculty and high school students

Grand Valley State University - Spring 2021


K12 Students Served



Sessions Held



Students, faculty/staff, and alumni engaged as tutors and mentors


case study - Grand Valley State University

Data analytics sourced from Achieve Student Success CRM data reports

Appointment Booking Overview
Student Bookings Online Vs. Staff Booking
Appointment Bookings Analytics by College
Appointment Bookings by Advisor

K-12 Connect Testimonials

This has been a huge help for my fully online kids. I appreciate the tutors greatly and this program. I would love to see this continue even if it wasn't for online school but even when my kids go back full time into the school system. The 1:1 connection makes it a huge difference for their education and I am grateful!
K-12 Connect Parent

I thought Julia was great! She was a wonderful tutor, and I've only had good experiences with GVSU tutors so far. I'm so grateful for this service because it's pretty much the only thing getting me through my classes and to graduation right now. I'm thankful that this service is free and has a lot of awesome tutors.
K-12 Connect Student

These sessions have been so helpful for my son. My goal for him really is just to continue liking school and remaining interested in learning new things. He is in virtual school and is grateful for the one-on-one support. Meeting with his tutor every week allows him to finish up anything he didn't during the week, making him much less stressed and greatly improving our family dynamic. We are so thankful that this is offered!
K-12 Connect Parent